Meet Our Graduates

Barney Dale, Australia

Graduated: November 2016  

Barney used to be a landscape gardener and is now currently teaching in Trujillo and enjoying life by the beach in Huanchaco.


Bekka Shadoan, USA

Graduated: October 2014

Bekka’s background was in IT and since graduating she has travelled extensively and taught in Peru and in China.


Angel Victor, Trinidad & Tobago

Graduated: August 2016

Angel had worked in tourism in her former life in Trinidad & Tobago. She is currently spending a year living and teaching in Lima before she heads off to her next teaching destination.


Logan Austin, USA

Graduated: October 2015

Logan’s long-term goal is to be a teacher back in the States; he is currently teaching in South Korea and is looking at returning to South America for his next teaching contract.


Carla Martin, USA

Graduated: April 2016

Carla had already taught ESL back in the States and since then she has settled permanently in Peru. She now teaches in Chincha, which is three hours from Lima.


Sarah Whisler, USA

Graduated: January 2014

Sarah teaching skills as a yoga teacher were a great base for our course and once she graduated she headed to Buenos Aires to teach English and yoga.


Yann Le Bougeant, France

Graduated: September 2014

Yann had already taught English in Hungary and was the Academic Director of an English institute prior to taking our course. He now teaches English in Europe.


Maggie MacLeod, Canada

Graduated: April 2016

Maggie is a primary school teacher and she gained some great experience teaching in a small coastal town in the south of Peru.


Adam Stengel, USA

Graduated: September 2014

Adam had taught literature at a university in the States and since graduating he has gained experience in Peru and Turkey. He is currently teaching at a university in Hong Kong.


Carly Roden, USA

Graduated: January 2014

Carly is a qualified lawyer who traded long hours in a law firm for living and working in Arequipa in the south of Peru.



Matt Peterson, Australia

Graduated: April 2016

Matt had worked in mining in Australia and had also already done some private teaching in Hungary. He has now settled in Lima, where he recently opened his own English institute.


Sam Bango, USA

Graduated: November 2016

Sam completed our course fresh from graduating from high school; she is now teaching in Huaraz and climbing mountains in her spare time.


Drew Peterson, USA

Graduated: August 2016

Back in the States, Drew was a social worker and is now enjoying teaching part-time and practicing Jiu Jitsu with his new friends in Lima.



Toni Everitt, UK

Graduated: November 2016

Toni had already taught children in China for a year before deciding to take our course. She is now teaching at an international school and an English institute in Trujillo.


Kerry Crosson, South Africa

Graduated: April 2016

Kerry had worked for 15 years in the Agrochemical Industry when she decided to change the course of her life.  Since completing our TEFL course, she has been teaching in Taiwan.


Sonya Burns, USA

Graduated: February 2015

Sonya had worked as a Systems Engineer back in Texas and upon graduating she headed to the Dominican Republic. Since falling in love with this Central American nation, she is now planning on settling there permanently. 


Richard Newman, New Zealand & Shannon Tobin, USA

Graduated: August 2016

Richard and Shannon are primarily teaching Business English in Lima, they plan to teach in Asia in the near future.