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Our February 2015 Course

  • I’m interested in working in Peru and would like more information about your job placement program? 

TEFL Zorritos’ partnership with various institutes throughout Peru means they can place their graduates in a position upon successful completion of the course. These partnerships have been a natural development due to the quality teachers TEFL Zorritos has produced, which are in high demand in institutes here.  Positions are located in cities and provincial areas throughout Peru and include positions with a work visa, paid holidays, health insurance and other incredible benefits. Lifetime job assistance is provided for positions worldwide.



  •  What are the advanced certifications and how can they help me?  

Our September 2014 Course

We offer our trainees the opportunity to complete up to 100 additional hours during our TEFL course in order to complete the 10 advanced certifications we offer at no additional cost. These certifications are valued at $1,000. The advanced certifications are Teaching Business English, Teaching Young Learners, Teaching English for Academic Purposes, Teaching English for Special Purposes, Teaching English to Online Students, Tutoring EFL Students, Teaching Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC & PET. But what exactly does this mean? 

  •  Firstly, the content covered will be essential preparation for teaching in any of these areas. Teaching Business English and Teaching to Young Learners are of obvious benefit, however there is also a huge demand for international exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC & PET. Preparing students to take these exams is very different to standard ESL teaching which is why they require specialization by the teacher. 
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)  and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are both used to assess the language ability of candidates wishing to study and/or work in countries such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada etc.  
  • The advanced certifications that you complete will be listed on your TEFL certificate and will be a huge advantage in a competitive teaching market as they can ensure a better teaching position and salary. 
  • Other TEFL providers certainly offer some or all of these advanced certifications, however we challenge you to find them offered during your TEFL course and at no extra cost. Think of it as our gift to you, as you step out into the world of teaching and beyond. 
  • Trainees who do not complete the advanced certifications during the course time are given one month from when they finish their TEFL course to complete them. 


  •  What makes TEFL Zorritos different to other TEFL providers? 

Our hands on, practical approach to TEFL is unique and focuses on developing your teaching and communication skills as oppose to a purely academic method. Our course is centered around the practice teaching classes and preparing you for a real teaching job in the real world. 

The incredible job placement program in Peru is open to all successful graduates, at any point in the future. As the owner and founder is also the Head TEFL trainer she can guarantee a personalized delivery of your course and maximize every aspect of your experience studying TEFL, and your time in Peru.


  • Our September 2014 Course

    Our September 2014 Course

    I’ve never been to South America before and I don’t speak Spanish. Will I be OK? 

TEFL Zorritos will assist you with each step of the journey. Once you have enrolled you will be issued with a welcome pack with all the information you will need about the course and Peru. We can also organise airport pick-up and we have affordable course packages which include accommodation so that you can focus on your course.   


  • Do I really need a TEFL Certificate to be able to teach English abroad?

Although schools in some parts of the world may only require that you be a native speaker, reputable institutions prefer to hire teachers with training. The experience that you will gain in your TEFL course, particularly in the practical teaching of local students, will be incredibly valuable and you will have the knowledge and experienced require to step into the world of teaching with confidence.  


  • If I have a friend who would like to take the course with me, do you offer any discounts?

If you have friends who would like to take a course with you, then you will receive a US$100 discount off the cost of your TEFL Course. Simply fill out the on-line application and specify that you will be enrolling with a friend to receive the discount. See our Course Info page for full details.  


  • Our January 2014 TEFL Course Crew

    Will I ever have to pay additional fees?

No. Our fees are all-inclusive of courses materials, assessments, moderation and the issuing of certificates.  


  • Do I need to have a university/college degree to enroll in a TEFL course? 

No. If a trainee does not have a university/college degree then we require a similar level professional qualification and/or sufficient work experience. See our Enrollment page for more information. 


  • Do I have to be a native speaker to become a TEFL teacher? 

No. TEFL courses have different requirements for language proficiency. In order to enroll in a  TEFL course at TEFL Zorritos, you must have a level of English proficiency that enables you to follow the program and satisfactorily complete course requirements. See our Enrollment page for further details. 


  • Which countries offer the best salary? 

Typically, schools in Asia and the Middle East pay the best and offer the most benefits such as free or subsidized housing, language lessons, reimbursed airfare, and bonuses. Most other areas of the world, including Peru and other South American countries, will pay enough to live comfortably, but probably not enough to save money or pay off debt. However, there are positions available in Peru that include benefits such as paid holidays, health insurance and pension. In all cases, we recommend bringing savings as a financial buffer and to help you get set up in your new teaching location.


  • What type of payments do you accept?
We accept all payments in US dollars via PayPal, direct bank deposit and Western Union. Once you have paid your deposit and your enrollment has been accepted, a payment of US$600 must be paid via direct bank deposit within one month of your enrollment being approved in order to guarantee your place in the course. The remaining balance of your course fee is paid in cash upon arrival. See our Enrollment page for full details.