Life is simple in Zorritos and the accommodation, food and lifestyle all reflect this. Accommodation is available in beach-side bungalows, hostels, hospedajes, low end and high end hotels. All of them will provide rooms with bathrooms however hot water or air-conditioning are only available at higher end hotels. Mar Adentro and Pinamar Hotel are the only hotels in town that allows guests access to a communal kitchen, which is why we recommend them.

Our beach-front outdoor training centre is located at Pinamar, which is why we offer course packages which include accommodation there at a highly discounted rate.  All prices are for a month, which is the duration of the course. 



Pinamar is a lovely hotel which is where our beach-front outdoor training centre is located. Built right on the beach, it is a small hotel filled with green spaces, a restaurant with an outdoor and indoor dining area and a pool. Pinamar offers guests two room options, one with a fan and the other with air-conditioning, and all rooms have hot water, a TV and WiFi. All guests also have access to the communal kitchen and the hotel boasts its own bar and restaurant.

  • We offer a course package which includes our TEFL Certificate course and accommodation for the duration of the course at Pinamar; a double bed, a private bathroom with hot water, TV, use of the communal kitchen, WiFi and a full breakfast daily (eggs, bread, butter, jam, tea/coffee and fresh juice) for only US$1,990 per person with a fan or US$2,090 per person with air-conditioning

Reviews of Pinamar

“I loved Hotel Pinamar! Cindy and the entire staff were welcoming and helpful. The hotel is lovely, including the rooms.” Jennifer Green, USA

“Nice room, friendly staff, good food, beautiful landscaping and close access to the beach.” Kathy Voelkel, USA