Spanish Classes


TEFL Zorritos offers Spanish classes which can be taken before or after our TEFL course in Zorritos. The reason we don’t offer Spanish classes during the actual course is due to the intensive natural of TEFL, trainees will need to concentrate solely on their course. Our Spanish classes are therefore structured as intensive courses which can be taken as a private class of only one or two students.



We offer extremely affordable prices only for our TEFL Zorritos students. Spanish classes in Lima and other parts of Peru range from US$300 – US$450 for a one week intensive course. Our prices are all-inclusive of all course materials & you’ll receive a certificate upon completion. Students can choose from an intensive one week or two week course.

1 Week, 10 Hours  2 hours 2 students US$100
1 Week, 10 Hours 2 hours 1 student US$135
1 Week, 20 Hours 4 hours 2 students US$200
1 Week, 20 Hours 4 hours 1 student US$270
2 Weeks, 20 Hours 2 hours 2 students US$200
2 Weeks, 20 Hours 2 hours 1 student US$270
2 Weeks, 40 Hours 4 hours 2 students US$400
2 weeks, 40 Hours 4 hours 1 student US$540



Our Spanish classes are taught at our English institute in Zorritos, the TEFL Zorritos English Institute. It is located right on the beach, with beautiful views of the ocean and the local fishing boats, as pictured above.



Sandra Quevedo Seminario is our Spanish teacher; she boasts many years of varied teaching experience, both as an English and Spanish teacher. Originally from Tumbes, Sandra has dedicated herself to education in the area and has taught all ages and levels. Sandra also teaches at the TEFL Zorritos English Institute, supporting Cheryl with her young learner groups of three to six year olds. She loves meeting new people, especially from other countries, and whenever she has the chance she loves to travel to other parts of Peru and South America. Sandra’s students benefit not only from her experience but also from her lovely warmth and manner.