Finding A Good EFL Job In Country

Finding teaching work in country, when you are already living abroad is becoming more and more popular, and with more than 1 billion English learners worldwide it’s certainly a viable option.

The Resume. Put together a professional resume before leaving and make lots of copies. You don’t want to be printing out your resume on low grade paper in a new country’s internet cafe if you can help it. In case you do run out, save a copy in your email folder for easy access. You’ll also want your degree certificate (if you have one) and a print-out of professional references with contact details. If you don’t have any teaching experience former employers and University professors make the best references.  Finally, don’t forget to make copies of your accredited TEFL Certificate.  Most employers require a minimum level of 120 hours, that includes some classroom practice too.  Also remember the more hours of training you have, the better chance you have of finding a quality job.  Consider a course that offer 160 hours and some advanced certification as well as the basic TEFL certificate.

Dress to Impress! Just because your interview is in Peru, that doesn’t mean that you should turn up in your joggers and a t-shirt that says ‘Beer Chang’.  If you’re short on backpack space then a pair of black trousers and a smart long sleeved shirt should cover all bases.

Get Connected. Let’s say you come across a school that’s hiring. You make a great impression and leave your resume for them to get back in touch with you. The next thing you’re going to need is a contact number. Save yourself some effort by picking up a ‘cheap pay as you go’ model back home and buying a local SIM in country.

Keep Smiling.  Always be cheerful and show enthusiasm. Particularly in smaller cities it’s surprising how often TEFL teachers are offered a position on the spot, in someone’s Auntie’s friends’ English school.

Consider Private Tuition. In countries without an established TEFL scene you can often find opportunities teaching private students. This type of teaching can be really rewarding as you get to choose how much you work and what sort of students you want to teach. Generally the highest paying tuition gigs tend to be skills based; ‘Ski Lessons in English anyone?’ or Business English.

Job Offer Time. Just because you’re accepting a job in country, you should still review your contract carefully. Things to think about include:

How many hours you are willing to teach -make sure you factor in time for lesson planning.

Whether your employer will sponsor your working visa.

 Your accommodation – can your school help out with this?

And….once you’ve got the job…Congratulations! Got any more questions? Give us a shout!

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