Love to Travel? Get A TEFL Certificate!

Want to really experience another culture? Now’s the time to say goodbye to that backpack and hello to the amazing experiences offered by teaching EFL.

Here’s why:

Spending time with people like you isn’t experiencing a new culture

Is spending all your time with other travelers who are just like you really making the most of your time abroad? You could have just stayed home!

Instead teach abroad and your working life will be spent surrounded with locals – both students and other staff. Great for getting understanding a country’s culture.

Get paid to be there

Unless you’ve got a big bank balance, spending any length of time in a country is out of the reach of most travelers. That means quick hops here and there, only seeing the ‘don’t miss’ sights that guide books rave about. With TEFL, you’ll be getting paid to be in a country for anywhere from six to 12 months, which means you can experience everything a country has to offer and not feel like you have to cram it into too short a time.

You’ll get to know the locals

While it’s easy to pass through a country and have nothing more than a few brief exchanges with waiters and taxi drivers, teaching abroad forces you to get to know the people you’re teaching, working with, and living with. Sometimes cultural differences can be a bit of a challenge, but you didn’t fly half way around the world to have everything run like it does back home!

You’re already qualified!

If you’re a native English speaker, you’re already qualified to teach English abroad. Yes, you need to do a TEFL course in order to get your hands on the best jobs and not make a total mess of your time in the classroom, but you don’t need any previous teaching experience or the ability to speak another language.

Be in the picture yourself

Go to any major tourist attraction and you’ll see tourist snapping away, trying to peer into a totally alien culture. Want to know the best way to get to know the place you’re visiting? Stop hiding behind your camera and dive in feet first – get to know people and you’ll soon find that you’re not on the outside looking in, you’re in the picture yourself.

You’ll get to really know the town

You’ll make friends with so many locals and long-term expats, you’ll know exactly where’s good to go at the weekend and how to find the really cool stuff.

So, what do you say? If you’re ready to ditch your backpack and grab your TEFL certificate, make sure to contact TEFL Zorritos today and get started on your travel adventures.


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