Quit Your Job and Become an EFL Teacher

Are you stuck in a rut? Trapped in a job you don’t like; longing for something more interesting; imagining the day you can hand in your notice; and most importantly – being powerless to do anything about it! Often, when you’re stuck in a rut, you just need a little nudge in the right direction. So, here’s why you should quit your job and become an EFL Teacher.


Your job’s not that great anyway

Let’s face it – unless you’re a professional athlete or a rock star, your job isn’t that great. Yes it pays the bills on time, and yes, you probably enjoy the occasional office party. But let’s be honest – the job itself is pretty dull right?  If you’re looking for something more meaningful then take a look at teaching English abroad.


When else will you have this little responsibility?

Odds on you don’t have any of the following yet: kids, a mortgage, very old parents. Wait a few years and you probably will have one, two or all three. While it feels like a huge risk to leave everything behind now, you probably don’t have that many responsibilities yet – so make sure you make that leap to TEFL before you do!


Teaching EFL will actually help your career

Teaching English abroad doesn’t mean just laying on beaches for a year. It’s actually much better than that: you’ll be getting real, on-the-job experience of working in another country and culture, with loads of opportunities to boost your leadership, communication and interpersonal skills – and if that doesn’t impress prospective employers, then what will? Oh, and you’ll probably still get time for those beaches too.


You’ll be gaining a job not losing one

Don’t focus on the job you’ll be leaving behind (you know, that rather soul-sucking place you spend 8 hours of your day). Instead focus on the new, exciting TEFL job that you’ll get abroad: complete with new challenges, new colleagues and new experiences.


Don’t have regrets 

Imagine sitting in your armchair as an old man/lady and looking back across your life. All the things you did do, and all the things you just didn’t get around to. You’ll probably regret the things you didn’t do the most – all the opportunities that you passed up. Travelling and experiencing life in another culture shouldn’t be one of them.


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