Teaching English in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and there are actually many TEFL opportunities in this beautiful country. Admittedly most of these positions are voluntary but paid work can be found in Kathmandu by the persistent and experienced. Don’t expect to make a large salary – not that you’ll need one given that living costs are so low – and remind yourself of the positive impact your hard work can have on the local Nepalese people.

Paid teaching jobs in Nepal are found primarily in Kathmandu and you can expect a salary of from $500 to $1,000 USD.  Realistically, expect your salary to be closer to the $500 USD amount.  Like most schools in Asia, teachers should have a degree, a TEFL certification and preferably two years of teaching experience.  Don’t expect to find a job in Nepal by surfing the internet.  You need to be in Nepal and plan on doing some leg work and making connections if you hope to find a paid teaching position.  If you don’t have a degree, a TEFL certificate and at least some experience then you are advised to not seek paid employment in Nepal.  You will be better served volunteering or working in another country until you have some experience.

You will need to arrive in Nepal on a tourist visa and request that your employer arrange a work permit for you.  Although salaries are low compared to other Asian countries, the cost of food, transport and accommodations are very low in Nepal.  Typically salaries are paid on a monthly basis and your employer is responsible for paying any income tax that is owed.   

Nepal is a destination for teachers who want to make a contribution to the local Nepal people.  You can think of it as place to work on your spiritual rather than your job related skills.  Of course teaching the Nepal people who are gentle and kind by nature will be an experience you will never forget.


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