Teaching English in South Africa

English is one of South Africa’s main official languages and is the most commonly used language in public and commercial areas of life. All of which means that you’ll probably need a high level of TEFL certification and some previous experience if you want to teach English in South Africa.


Historically, South African TEFL employers used to hire people on the spot, but increasingly they have begun to widen the net and hire people through jobs boards and overseas recruitment agencies. There aren’t huge numbers of opportunities to teach English in South Africa, but there are a growing number of language institutes across the country, and while the majority of positions go to South Africans with native English skills there are opportunities for well qualified foreign TEFL teachers too.


Neither the wages nor the cost of living in South Africa is particularly high, so the average TEFL job salary of around 10,000 Rand (US$1,400) should allow you to live relatively comfortably. If you get involved teaching English as a volunteer, the school should be able to arrange your accommodation and cover the most basic living costs.


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