TEFL Job Tips For Success

Finding EFL work abroad can seem overwhelming with so many different countries, visas, contracts and cultural differences.  Below are a few ideas to increase your chances for success.


Customize your resume for the TEFL job you are applying for
Employers are only interested in your education and experience that directly relates to teaching.   Make sure your resume is concise and precise.  Only cover what the job advertisement asks for in simple, direct language. Focus on skills that schools will value, like leadership, organizational and communication skills and how you have demonstrated that you have them.


Take your TEFL course with a school that provides guaranteed job assistance
Get your TEFL course provider to do the leg work for you! The best TEFL schools have job placement services which will match you with relevant suitable contracts on completion of your course.  If the TEFL school you are researching doesn’t have guaranteed job assistance, then look somewhere else.


Always correspond with a real person by name – not a Sir or Madam
Want to know where most of those applications addressed to ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ end up? That’s right, the trash can! One of the best routes to job success is to build up personal relationships with recruiters to make sure your application ends up in the right person’s hands, rather than the trash can.


Use the internet
The internet’s a marvelous thing so make sure you use it– where before you might have had to traipse around a city handing out your resume, you can now get access to tens of thousands of TEFL jobs by just a click of your mouse. TEFL internet sites list positions from all over the world, which are just waiting for enthusiastic EFL teachers to fill them!


Keep your language simple
Very often the person who will be reading your job application won’t have English as their first language. They won’t want to tackle an application full of academic or arcane language – they will want one that’s simple to read and direct. If they can’t immediately see that you have the skills for the job your application will probably end up in the trash can.


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