What To Do Before Your TEFL Course

So, you have been accepted into a TEFL course. How are you feeling?

  • Relaxed because you are a fluent English speakerwith a good educational background.
  • Perhaps you feel a little bit worried as one of your friends took the courseand said it was one of the toughest months of her life.
  • Maybe you’re worried that you’re going to fail the course.

TEFL courses can be tough.  What can help is doing a little bit of preparation before the course starts.  Here are some things you should do before taking your TEFL course:

  • Read a book or two, maybe a few articles and do a little research about TEFL and teaching English.
  • Brush up on your grammar.  You don’t need to be a grammar expert, but at least know a few grammar basics.  
  • If it is possible, see if you can observe a TEFL class.  This will give you an idea of what your class will be like.  Seeing a teacher and students in action will give you a better feel of what a TEFL course is all about.
  • Most important take some time to relax.  See your friends and enjoy yourself.  TEFL courses can be intense, so don’t be surprised if you are very busy, with just a little free time available to enjoy yourself during the course.  Being relaxed and rested before you start your TEFL course will be a big bonus for you.


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