What is TEFL?

It’s the million dollar question, what exactly is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it’s an international qualification that is accepted all over the world to teach English as a Second or Foreign Language. All of the abbreviations in the world of English language teaching can be a bit confusing, but basically if you are teaching English in a country where they speak a foreign language (like Peru), it is referred to as teaching English as a Foreign Language. However, if you are teaching English in a country where English is the native language (like Australia), then it is referred to as teaching English as a Second Language.

So, if you want to travel the world and enrich people’s lives through language, a TEFL Certificate course is just the thing for you!



There are various ways of taking a TEFL Course, either face to face or on-line, however at TEFL Zorritos we believe that the best way to study TEFL is face to face, as it is an intensive course and the practical teaching of real students is an invaluable experience.

A standard face to face TEFL Certificate course is a minimum of 120 hours over 4 weeks, making it a very intensive one month course and students should be prepared for the challenge.



The following information is a suggested guide to the minimum requirements that a TEFL Certificate course should offer. We are happy to say that TEFL Zorritos meets and exceeds all of these requirements.

  • At least 120 hours over at least 4 weeks
  • At least 6 hours teaching practice with real students
  • Exams should be oral, written, and teaching
  • Trainers need a degree, TEFL cert (preferrably a diploma) and at least 8 years teaching experience in 2 different countries.
  • The curriculum should cover: grammar, methods, phonetics, classroom management, activities, use at least 3 different textbooks, practice with audio and visual aids, introduce international exams or Business English.

See Our TEFL Course page for all you need to know about teaching English in Peru and abroad