See The World With EFL Teaching

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can improve your life and give you many transferable skills that are in demand in the domestic jobs market. So, even if you’re not thinking of teaching as a long-term career, spending time teaching abroad can be really beneficial to your future career.

Improve your communication skills

When you teach abroad you’ll spend much of your time standing in front of a class or preparing lessons. This will improve your communication skills and your confidence in presenting to a group, both of which are really useful in all forms of business. And because you’ll probably be teaching in a non-English speaking country, you’ll also learn to communicate effectively with people who don’t speak your language.

A challenge you won’t forget

From the second you step off your outbound flight until the moment you say a tearful goodbye to your students, you’ll be challenged almost constantly. You’ll need to learn how to function in a foreign country, how to navigate your way around a new city, how to build new working relationships and how to function outside of your comfort zone. If you write your resume properly, future employers can’t help but be impressed.

International networking

While you’re overseas you’ll cross paths with people from all walks of life: from foreign tourists and backpackers to local businessmen and university professors to government officials. If you make the effort to stay in touch, there’s every possibility that something may come of it. Life throws up all sorts of opportunities, it’s just a question of recognizing them and using them to your advantage.

Open new doors and broaden your horizons

Many people head off to teach for six months or a year and never come back: they find new opportunities and follow a new path in life. You never know where TEFL may take you until you take that all important first step!


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