Teaching English in Italy

Get a TEFL Certificate 

The first thing you will need is an accredited TEFL certificate to be considered for an English teaching job in Italy.  Don’t bother showing up without it, you will have a sad trip home a few weeks later as no school will hire you without it.
You Need to Go to Italy to Find a Job 

The vast majority of language schools interview and hire new English teachers locally in Italy. Each year, thousands of foreign English teachers across Italy leave their jobs, creating a strong demand for new teachers.

When Do Schools Hire 
English Teachers  

It is highly recommended that you arrive in September. A second major hiring period begins in the second week of January and runs for several weeks.
Getting a Work Visa 

A work visa is hard to come by for Americans and other non-EU citizens looking to teach English in Italy, so thousands of Americans and other non-EU citizens simply teach English on tourist visas “under the table.” This is not legal, but it is so common as to be routine and in the open.  However, it is possible for Americans to work and teach English legally in Italy on a student visa. This typically entails enrolling in language classes or other courses approved by the Italian government.  Citizens of the UK, Ireland and other EU countries do not need a work permit or visa to teach English in Italy.


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