Teaching English in Poland

If you are a native speaker of English or speak English at an advanced level, you can probably find a job teaching English in Poland.  You will need to have at least a Bachelor degree and a TEFL certification to find a good teaching job in Poland.  

It is possible to find jobs in Poland before traveling to Poland, and if you are not the holder of an EU passport it is best to arrange a job before departing for Poland.  You will need to get a work permit in your home country at a Polish embassy or consulate and the required paperwork needs to be provided for you by your employer.  This is the legal way to teach in Poland; that is not to say that people do not teach on tourist visas and resident cards, but to be safe you should get a work permit before traveling to Poland.

Some things to remember when looking for a job:

  • Start searching as early as possible:It’s not uncommon for schools to interview and hire for fall semester starting in May or June. You can still find jobs at the last minute, but it will likely be just a few hours here and there.
  • Private schools will only give hours in the very early morning or from 4pm to 8pm:For many, that means teaching only 1-3 classes a day, which might not be enough to survive. Teaching children at a public school or teaching in a business (some businesses provide language lessons for their employees), is the only way you’re going to get hours in the middle of the day. Also, classes on Friday are rare — they will usually only happen if you teach children.
  • You may need to work at 2 or more schools:It’s not uncommon that a school will only offer you a couple teaching hours, so you may need to work at several schools to get enough hours. That said there is generally more work than teachers, so you won’t have any problems finding schools that need you!

Some salary and benefit facts:

  • Average teaching hours per week: 20-30 hours of classroom & extra prep time
  • Types of Students: Business professionals
  • Cost of Living per Month: 2,500-2,800 PLN, $ 800-900 USD
  • Average Monthly Pay: 2,500-2,800 PLN, $ 800-900 USD
  • Start-up Cost: $ 1,350-1,500 USD
  • Potential to Save or Break-even: Break-even
  • Accommodation/Housing Benefits Paid: No
  • Flight Reimbursement: No



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