TEFL – A Practical Approach

Teaching English as a foreign language is a job that encompasses a wide array of people and personalities; from the serious educator to the adventurous backpacker just looking to make a little money so they can continue their travels.  Regardless of your reasons for wanting to become an English teacher there are certain fundamental attributes which you will need to hone in order to be effective in your chosen career.  Realistically, if you can always strive to approach all of your classes with the utmost patience and ensure that your students are having fun while learning you can be a great success as a teacher, while enjoying a wonderful lifestyle.

TEFL course can give you all the fundamentals that you need to succeed as an English teacher, but unfortunately it cannot give you patience or personality.  If you are the type of person easily frustrated, with little patience or tolerance you will find that teaching English will not be the job for you.  Both you and your students will be extremely unhappy and you will quickly find yourself on a plane back to your home country, wondering what you could possibly have been thinking of to even consider the idea of teaching English.

On the other hand, if you are a person of great patience and tolerance loves to experience new cultures and embraces the concept that both teaching and learning should be fun, then this will be a job that you will love and you will accumulate wonderful experiences and memories.

TEFL course with a practical approach should prepare you for a real teaching job in the real world and not just bury you in an avalanche of facts, grammar rules and strict procedures. 

The TEFL course should develop not only your teaching skills, but also resume writing, interviewing and practical living advice for your chosen teaching destination.  This will ensure you enjoy all the aspects of your new home and work environment.  Your TEFL course should rely heavily on observed teaching practices and giving you the positive feedback and encouragement to ensure that you are confident for all aspects of the teaching experience.

A primary focus of a TEFL course is also to ensure that you have a good job and a job that you want and are interested in by the time you complete your course.  Training and learning can be fun, but the end goal is to make sure you have profitable employment in the city where you desire to live and work.

TEFL course with a practical approach is very relaxed and personalized to ensure that each student gets exactly what they need to be successful.  


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