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Ellie Saavedra Ryan is a highly experienced TEFL teacher and trainer; originally from Australia she has spent numerous years in South America studying, traveling and teaching and Peru is her second home.

Ellie studied her TEFL course in Buenos Aires, Argentina and spent almost a year living, teaching and traveling in Argentina; primarily teaching Business English to company employees and executives. Then she taught international students and delivered a government funded program for immigrants in Melbourne, Australia. The next few years were spent in Peru where she lived and taught diverse student groups; from preschoolers to petrol engineers.

Ellie enjoyed being a TEFL teacher so much that she decided to take the next step and open up a TEFL training institute in one of her favorite parts of the world, the far north of Peru. The result is TEFL Zorritos, a collaboration with Paradise TEFL and the first Paradise TEFL institute in South America.

As not only the head trainer but also the founder of TEFL Zorritos she has everything invested in the institute and will ensure that the course and the entire experience exceeds trainees’ expectations.

Here are some snapshots of Ellie’s past students…


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