The most luxurious hotel in town – Costa Azul Mango

Life is simple in Zorritos and the accommodation, food and lifestyle all reflect this. Accommodation is available in beachside bungalows, hostels, hospedajes, low end and high end hotels. All of them will provide rooms with bathrooms however accommodation with kitchens is not available, which is why we offer packages that include your breakfast and dinner. There are a wide variety of restaurants for lunch, with a set menu from as little as $1.50 and obviously due to its location, fish and seafood are in abundance. Transport in and around the town is easy and cheap with mototaxis being the preferred mode of transport and a trip costs around 50 cents. Shared taxis and combis travel regularly to Tumbes, which is the closest city half an hour away.

Our Course Packages include optional accommodation and/or breakfast & dinner at Sun Beach Hospedaje which includes the following:

  • Accommodation – A fully furnished beachfront bungalow with private bathroom, cable television, Wi-Fi and a fan (you’ll need it!)
  • Breakfast & Dinner daily at Sun Beach Restaurant for the duration of the course – We understand that you will have your hands full with such an intensive course of study and this takes the fuss out of food, no shopping or cooking and at lunchtime you can enjoy the diverse range of restaurants available, at super cheap local prices.

** As December, January and February are the peak summer season in Peru we recommend that students choose one of our Course Packages that includes accommodation during these months. Of course you can organize your own, however you may find it a lot more expensive and difficult to book at this time.

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  • Grillo 3 Puntas Eco-Hostel & Casa Grillo Hostel –