Sun Beach Hospedaje


A little sun and a little shade

Watch the sun slowly set from Sun Beach Hospedaje

TEFL Zorritos offers beach-side accommodation at two local hospedajes, the most popular and well known being Sun Beach Restaurant, Bar & Hospedaje. Sun Beach is the most loved bar and restaurant in town and the main meeting point for locals; its owner Ethel Eras Luyo, is a young local entrepreneur who has built the business from scratch. Sun Beach is open all week and particularly comes alive on the weekends, offering live music from the local reggae group “Los Wailers” and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a table on a Saturday night. Services offered include bar, restaurant, laundry and WiFi. The location is walking distance to most places in town & close enough to the beach that you will be able to sleep with the sound of the ocean.



Ethel Eras Luyo, the proud owner of Sun Beach

Ethel first opened Sun Beach over ten years ago when she was only eighteen and as self-made, independent and highly successful entrepreneur and business woman, she is one of a kind in a small town like Zorritos. Over time she has slowly constructed and expanded the restaurant to now include a bar, a live music area and eight beachfront bungalows. The gorgeous rustic design is beach-inspired and evident throughout the restaurant, bar and bungalows. Once a one-woman show, Ethel now has a team of happy helpers supporting her, including a full-time chef and bartender, leaving her time to build up her business and continue with her dreams for the future.

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