Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

The highest TEFL salaries and the best benefits in the world are in Saudi Arabia.  If you can handle living in such a place for a length of time you can certainly save a lot of money.  The ultra-strict Muslim way of life is not particularly compatible with other belief systems and therefore many Westerners will require considerable time to adjust to what can be a stifling and rigid cultural environment. 

Experience is essential and many employers require at least three years previous teaching experience.  You will also need at least a Bachelor degree and a TEFL certificate

Despite the large expat community and great salaries, life here is hard for Westerners and the rigid laws make it quite difficult to enjoy yourself in your spare time. Western women may find things especially difficult.

Salaries range from $2,500 USD to $4,500 USD per month and even higher for certified teachers with a lot of experience.  Teachers can typically expect ten weeks of vacation time plus national holidays.  You can expect a 40 hour plus work week and there is nothing easy about teaching in Saudi Arabia.  Your students and the school will have very high expectations and the demands on a teacher can at times be unrealistic.

Consider a move to Saudi Arabia very carefully. Can you really handle the considerable cultural restrictions for a year or more?  Be sure that medical insurance, accommodations and flight allowances are included as part of your benefit package.  Work permits should be arranged before you arrive in Saudi Arabia. This must be done in conjunction with your employer.

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia is high. However, the fabulous tax-free salaries mean that you ought to be able to save a good portion of your salary each month.  Your salary is tax-free. You should receive your salary on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated in your contract.


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