TEFL Zorritos at Sunset Club

Life is simple in Zorritos and the accommodation, food and lifestyle all reflect this. Accommodation is available in beach-side bungalows, hostels, hospedajes, low end and high end hotels. All of them will provide rooms with bathrooms however there is very limited available accommodation with kitchens, hot water or air-conditioning are only available at higher end hotels, such as Sunset Club, where our beach-front outdoor training centre is located. 

We recommend several different accommodation providers to suit all needs and budgets. Our beach-front outdoor training centre is located at Sunset Club, which is why we offer course packages which include accommodation at the Club at a highly discounted rate. The other accommodation providers can be contacted directly in relation to tariffs and reservations. 



Sunset Club is a private hotel and club on a gorgeous, spacious property of 20,000 m2 right on the beach. Our beach-front outdoor training centre is also located at Sunset; an outdoor area surrounded by palm trees and overlooking their stunning private beach. The club has various swimming pools, bars, a restaurant, tennis courts, a soccer pitch and a playground. 

We offer a course package which includes our TEFL Certificate course and accommodation for the duration of the course at a heavily discounted price only for our trainees. Sunset Club offers a beach-front room room with ocean views, private bathroom, hot water, WiFi, cable, daily continental breakfast and use of all of Sunset Club’s facilities – only US$2,200 per person or US$2,000 per person twin share

Reviews of Sunset Club

“Nothin’ but a little slice of paradise.” Peter McGann, USA

“Sunset Club was extremely relaxing and made for a great learning environment.  The staff were very kind to us and quickly became our friends.  The rooms and facilities were very nice as well.” Michael Huffman, USA

“Perfect!! I give it score of a perfect 10!!” Marty Bertoni, USA


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Located in a quiet part of Zorritos, Casa Kresala offers a unique experience. The relaxed yard, right at the beach, features several rooms and a lot of cosy communal space. They also organise their own surfing classes and have a nice collection of rent surfboards at your disposal. On the rooftop balcony you can enjoy healthy breakfasts in the morning and delicious meals at night while overlooking one of the nicest beaches in the country with nice cocktails.

The owners are big animal lovers, which is not only noticed on their menu – but also becomes apparent from the numerous animals that roam the land;  cats, chicken and a dog. The food is deliciously put together, mostly vegetarian, although they also work closely with the local fishermen to serve ultra-fresh fish dishes. For a couple of soles they also take care of your laundry.

The owners of Casa Kresala also run a small NGO called Hands & Surf, which aims to help the locals in Zorritos. They teach local children how to surf and also provide English classes at a local primary school and at Casa Kresala, as well as organising other workshops for them. Guests are welcome to get involved in their volunteer program which is incredibly rewarding. 

  • Matrimonial Bungalow with Ocean Views – A private room with gorgeous ocean views, a double bed and private bathroom (cold water only), a mosquito net, fan & WiFi – US$750 per couple
  • Matrimonial Bungalow – A private room with a double bed and private bathroom (cold water only), a mosquito net, fan & WiFi – US$540 per couple
  • Dormitory –  A bed in a dormitory with fan for a maximum of 5 people with a shared bathroom (cold water only). Each bed has a mosquito net & WiFi - US$215 per person

Reviews of Casa Kresala:

“Casa Kresala is one of the best Hostels I have ever stayed in! Willie and Cleo go out of their way everyday to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Willie is a tremendous chef, and their restaurant is the only place in Zorritos you can get truly inventive and high quality cuisine (or anything other than the standard Peruvian fare). The Hostel itself is beautiful, quite modern for Zorritos, and 50 yards from the beach. Willie is also an excellent surf coach and Cleo makes the best Mojito I have ever had in my life. Period. I would highly recommend them to anyone staying in the Zorritos, and especially to TEFL students who will be there for a month or more.” Mitch Norton, USA

“Casa Kresala is absolutely amazing!!!! Highly recommend for laid back & respectful students in the future. The hosts and the ambiance were beyond my expectations. It was a tiny paradise. They made the experience of staying in Zorritos very comfortable.” Charles Flowers-Mitchell, USA

“I absolutely LOVED Casa Kresala! The hosts are relaxed, fun, and very helpful and accommodating. Their restaurant is delicious and our room was perfect. I highly recommend it!” Bekka Shadoan, USA

“I had a great experience at Casa Krasala. Friendly owners and welcoming atmosphere. I would definitely return.” Jeremy Petru, USA

“Casa Kresala (Sea breeze house inn Quechua) has to be one of the best unsung hotels of northern Peru.  A fantastic environment, just a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous beach in Zorritos, coupled with incredible owners, Willy, a true renaissance man, skilled not only in surfing, but also a wonderful chef, and Cleo, who without a shadow of a doubt makes the greatest cocktails.  I would murder for one of her Mojitos!  If privacy is your thing, they offer a private bedroom, or if you fancy slumming it with the normos, the dorm room is fantastic.  Honestly, if I could, I would live there.” George Docherty, UK


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La Casa de Ibarra Dioses offers a simple beach-front bungalow located just outside of the centre of Zorritos. The bungalow is located metres from the ocean, at the rear of the Ibarra Dioses family property.  It is a nice, simple option and guests can also enjoy home-cooked Peruvian cuisine if they choose. 

  • Simple Bungalow – The bungalow has a double bed, desk, cable television, fan, a small bar fridge, WiFi & a little bathroom (cold water only)  – US$200
  • Home Cooked Breakfast & Dinner daily – Have a month of wonderful home-cooked, traditional Peruvian food so you won’t need to shop or cook – US$190 

Reviews of La Casa de Ibarra Dioses

“Lovely family, lovely place, lovely time. Lucho and Maria Rene now call me “son”, and to them “Mom and Dad”.” Rockwell Louke, USA

“I really dug my bungalow, the perfect amount of space for a single occupant.  And the landlords, Lucho and Rene, were very helpful and accommodating.” Adam Stengel, USA



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Senora Marisela offers simple beach-front bungalows located two doors up from La Casa de Ibarra Dioses. The bungalows are located metres from the ocean in a quiet part of town.

  • Bungalow – Each bungalow has a double bed, bathroom (cold water only), TV and a fan. Please note there is currently no WiFi inside the bungalows, only outside – US$150 

Reviews of Los Bungalows de Marisela

“Really nice! Nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean lapping on the shore, or taking walks on the beach in the morning before class.” Greg Zoller, USA

Reservations/Enquiries: [email protected] 

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