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Our October 2014 Course

Our October 2014 Course

Testimonials – October 2014

“The practice classes were enriching and lovely, once I was in the teaching role with the students. The lesson planning was the hardest part, and required the most concentration and effort. I feel the amount of practice teaching was just right, although more is always merrier, I can’t imagine feeling prepared with any less. I was able to practice techniques of classroom management, such as working with diverse student abilities and learning styles. I also gained experienced with adjusting my lesson plan on the fly, adapting to less students than anticipated and late students arriving which boosted my class attendance from one to seven.” Bekka Shadoan, USA

I had an amazing time and will recommend to all friends.” Jeremy Petru, USA

Q. What was your opinion of your TEFL trainer, their knowledge and their delivery of your course? “Absolutely amazing!!!! I am in amazement of her professionalism and ability to deal with difficult people. She is very knowledgable of the information, and her delivery was very smooth, organized, and simplified enough for laymen to comprehend.” Charles Flowers-Mitchell, USA

“The practice teaching classes were a great way of getting some experience and a grasp of what to expect in the future. After 10 hours of practice teaching, I feel more confident and adapt to handle classroom issues and common pitfalls that a teacher might face. 10 hours of teaching practice was perfect.” Jeremy Petru, USA

“Ellie is an amazing resource of TEFL wisdom and real-world experience. She has infectiously high energy, which was very welcomed especially after three nights of practice classes in a row. Her board-work was very clear and easy to follow, and she always allowed us time to write it all in our notebooks or take photos of the board for later studying. She mixed up the day so nicely, ensuring we had activities between longer grammar lessons. Her relentless assistance and availability while we planned our lessons was invaluable, and no matter how stressed we seemed to be, she always took the time to nudge us back on track and encourage us to not give up.” Bekka Shadoan, USA

“Ellie was a wonderful and passionate teacher. She showed professionalism and experience throughout the course.” Jeremy Petru, USA

 “I honestly can’t imagine completing a TEFL course with more than 8 students. With 4, we had the opportunity for detailed feedback from Ellie and personal attention, which as a middle-aged adult I really appreciated. We got to know each other’s learning and teaching styles, allowing us to utilize strengths and help each other out. With a smaller trainee group, we were able to get all of our individual questions answered, and had access to Ellie when we needed her. I believe smaller groups of trainees make for a much better experience as a learner, and produce a higher quality of TEFL teacher.” Bekka Shadoan, USA

Q. How useful were your teaching practice classes? “Very useful. The challenges and unexpected situations, such as maintaining peer relationships with difficult personalities, all build experience. The 10 hours was a good introduction. I tend to over-plan, so more practice teaching would be nice, but I couldn’t imagine fitting more into the time allotted during this accelerated program. 3 hours per week, was plenty.” Charles Flowers-Mitchell, USA

Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? “Yes, but the skills required to be an effective teacher would be missing without the course.” Jeremy Petru, USA

Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? “No. It would be like trying to drive a car without ever seeing someone drive nor ever having been inside a car before. TEFL Zorritos gave me the building blocks of a foundation to teach a foreign language to non-English speakers.” Charles Flowers-Mitchell, USA

Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? “Heck no! I would have been flailing and winging it, which is not a good experience for students. The grammar lessons and practice teaching are gold!” Bekka Shadoan, USA

“If I were to retake the course, I will choose a similar class size. The individual attention and feedback made the experience enjoyable and effective.” Jeremy Petru, USA

“LOVED lunch being provided. It was excellent food, and it took the guess work out of finding places, getting back on time, and the hassle involved in all that. Having time for a nap after lunch was awesome.” Bekka Shadoan, USA

“I just have to say THANK YOU to Ellie, all our lovely students, Oscar and his family at Sunset Club, Cleo and Willy at Casa Kresala, and everyone in Zorritos for taking such good care of us as we adjust to life in Peru! I am so happy we chose TEFL Zorritos over any online or course elsewhere…” Bekka Shadoan, USA

“LOVELY location… Being able to walk on the beach at lunch time to let off some stress and steam was amazing. The weather, breeze, and sunshine made learning enjoyable. The WIFI was fast and reliable, and the food for lunch was hefty and delicious! Everyone who worked at Sunset was lovely to speak with as well.” Bekka Shadoan, USA

“Lunch was always delicious. Sunset was very accommodating for my dietary needs (gluten allergy). Trying to organize my own lunch would’ve only taken away from time to relax after eating & added stress of watching the clock and trying to get back to class on time. A prepared lunch and one hour break works well together.” Charles Flowers-Mitchell, USA


Our September 2014 Course

Testimonials – September 2014

“If you want to teach TEFL in South America (especially in Peru), take this course.  Ellie’s the best.  Zorritos and Sunset Club are the perfect locations for an intensive, one-month program.  The teaching practice is invaluable.  Do it.  Seriously, do it!” Adam Stengel, USA

“Ellie is a fantastic trainer. Her exceptional knowledge of teaching methodology will be amply apparent to you after your first day of class. Ellie has both the know-how and the patience and ability to deliver said know-how in a very clear way. She was always willing to give us an extraordinary level of individual help and attention. Ellie seems to have the valuable, and certainly uncommon, ability to elicit the best in her students. She helped us to developing teaching strategies that utilize each of our unique abilities and interests. I certainly didn’t expect myself to feel this confident in my teaching ability after just four short weeks. I cannot recommend Ellie’s course highly enough! …and, no, she didn’t pay me to write that.” Greg Zoller, USA

“Ellie kicked ass in all departments and still managed to take care of us like we were her children.  I would recommend Ellie’s course and location to the world.  If you need a TEFL, come to Zorritos to get it!” Marty Bertoni, USA

“The practice teaching classes were incredibly useful.  I had no idea what to expect, when it came to teaching language-learners, but practice teaching gave me the training and preparation to excel in my future TEFL career. The 10 hours of practice teaching was the perfect amount.” Adam Stengel, USA

“The practice teaching classes were invaluable. I can’t imagine entering a TEFL classroom for the first time without having had this experience. The first week’s segment on teaching theory and other practical knowledge left us well prepared to take on our first lesson, although Ellie certainly provided us with a good deal of help in lesson planning to get us on our feet. The feedback we received after each lesson from Ellie and Barbara was extremely helpful. I thought the structure of the course in regard to practice teaching was excellent. We were “weaned off” of our aid from Ellie at an appropriate pace, and I now feel well prepared to dive into the wide world of teaching English abroad. The fact that we taught real, local students with a variety of ability levels was unbelievably helpful. If a TEFL course doesn’t offer teaching experience with real, non-English-speaking students, don’t take it! “ Greg Zoller, USA

“This was such a great course. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” Greg Zoller, USA

Q. Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? “Yeah, sure, I could have gotten a gig and taught—in the long term—effectively, but this TEFL course provided me with the experience and opportunity to excel in teaching English right off the bat. Certainly, it’s been worth the time and money.” Adam Stengel, USA

“It was all perfect.  All the classes helped me to find my voice.  I got better with every class.  I learned that I am and forever could be an English teacher.  Thank you for this key to the doorway of the world.” Marty Bertoni, USA

“I cannot imagine a better TEFL trainer than Ellie.  She’s vastly knowledgeable, totally approachable, forever patient, and an all-around lovely person.  She makes the TEFL Zorritos experience, and, because of her, I would recommend the course to anyone.” Adam Stengel, USA

“I’m very happy with my experience! It was a great course and I feel very well-prepared to enter the TEFL world.” Greg Zoller, USA

 “Sunset Club has been downright majestic!  The staff and facilities are first class.  And if you find yourself with a case of the Peru Belly, just holler at Juan and he’ll hook you up with a coconut, right off the palm tree, baby!” Adam Stengel, USA

Q. How useful were your practice teaching classes? “Definitely the most useful part of the course (tutor’s feedback included), especially with basic and pre-intermediate levels, who are more challenging than the others. “Practice makes perfect”, as well as observing our classmates’ classes.” Yann Le Bougeant, France

Q. What was your opinion of the course location at Sunset Club? “I give it a 10! Educational on all levels! What better way to train students to be living in another country.” Marty Bertoni, USA

“I think that without this course, I would have been able to teach English…poorly. The observed practice teaching combined with the grammatical explanations were very helpful.” Greg Zoller, USA

Q. Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? “Maybe, but certainly not as well. This was definitely the way to get my TEFL certificate.” Marty Bertoni, USA

Q. What was your opinion of the course location at Sunset Club? “Beautiful! An ideal spot. It was great to be able to walk on the beach and dip my toes in the ocean during our breaks.” Greg Zoller, USA


Our May 2014 Course

Testimonials – May 2014

“TEFL Zorritos was phenomenal, I could not have asked for more. Ellie, my instructor, absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty in every way and provided an incredibly satisfying and comprehensive course. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any and all who are interested.” Peter McGann, USA

“The practice teaching classes were incredibly useful, particularly considering the fact that we were teaching non-native speakers. The amount of time devoted to practice teaching and preparation seemed completely appropriate.” Peter McGann, USA

“Ellie is one of the most professional, personable and dedicated teachers I have ever interacted with. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.” Rockwell Louke, USA

“Practice teaching is what makes a TEFL course relevant. You can sit in a classroom and learn teaching methodologies but until you are given an opportunity to implement them, it means nothing. I learned how to be confident in front of students, how to engage students of all abilities and how to deliver content accurately and insightfully. The practice teaching was as useful as an ax in the forest.” Rockwell Louke, USA

Q. Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? Why/why not? “Absolutely not. I would have had no idea where to start. With the knowledge gained in this TEFL course, I feel much more confident that I will be able to conduct an ordered, logical, and worthwhile class in a classroom in the future.” Peter McGann, USA

Q. What was your opinion of the course location at Sunset Club? “Nothin’ but a little slice of paradise.” Peter McGann, USA

Q. Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? Why/why not?  “I do think it would be possible to teach without a TEFL course, however I personally would not want to do it.  My confidence is through the roof right now and that is due to TEFL.” Michael Huffman, USA

“Ellie is absolutely fantastic.  I could not imagine doing this course with another teacher.  Ellie is one of the best teachers I have ever had and never once did I question her knowledge.” Michael Huffman, USA

Q. Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? Why/why not? “I’ve taught a number of private lessons informally to interested individuals in the past, but now I have the base to bring formality to these lessons. I could have taught English without this course, but now I KNOW how to teach English.” Rockwell Louke, USA

Q. What was your opinion of the course location at Sunset Club? “Best classroom in the world. An hour at lunch to swim in the ocean.” Rockwell Louke, USA

“Thanks for helping me finish university! You can guarantee my positive solicitation of your program back in the United States. Incredible program overall and the cultural experience is worth every minute.” Rockwell Louke, USA

“Sunset Club was extremely relaxing and made for a great learning environment.  The staff was very kind to us and quickly became our friends.  The rooms and facilities were very nice as well.” Michael Huffman, USA

“I had a great experience and would not have changed a thing.” Michael Huffman, USA


Our January 2014 Crew

Testimonials – January 2014

“Overall a very positive and fun experience. I’m glad we chose TEFL Zorritos!” Carly Roden, USA

“The TEFL trainer was incredible. She provided the exact information that I would need in a comprehensible and applicable way.” Rosemary Spitalny, USA

Q. Do you think that you would have been able to teach English without having completed this TEFL course? Why/why not? “I think I would have been able to step into a classroom and talk at students, but definitely not teaching them.  This TEFL course was an incredible experience and I have definitely improved my teaching skills.” George Docherty, UK

“The practical teaching classes were excellent.  Theory in class was very good, but to put it into practice in a challenging environment was imperative.  I think there was enough teaching practice, and in a months course, 10 hours of practice was an incredible experience.” George Docherty, UK

“I think I would have been able to teach English without the course but it would have been extremely difficult for the students to get very much out of it and for me to deliver appropriate material. The TEFL certificate is absolutely necessary to effectively teach English as a foreign language.” Rosemary Spitalny, USA

“The trainer was fantastic.  She obviously had an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and  I especially enjoyed her teaching us.” George Docherty, UK

“I’m glad I signed up for this course!  And I’m very proud of myself for completing this course.  It challenged me to my EDGE and I came out on the other side…smiling.  Thank you!” Sarah Whisler, USA

“The practical classes were very useful. I learned classroom dynamics, lesson preparation, board work, time management, correction techniques, activities, and innumerable other skills. The practical teaching was by far the most valuable part of the course.” Mitch Norton, USA

“I think the course location was great.  Having the Internet everyday was a huge advantage.  I liked being able to take some time after lunch to jump in the ocean and relax in the sun.” Nate Younker, USA

Q. What was your opinion of your TEFL trainer, their knowledge and their delivery of your course? “I feel like I learned from the best of the best.  Beth was very professional and very thorough in her teaching.” Sarah Whisler, USA

“The practice teaching classes were by far the most useful and important part of the class. It’s hard to learn practical skills through theory alone, so you have to have the practical component coupled with detailed observer feedback to really learn anything meaningful about teaching. I feel I learned a lot through the practical teaching – how to plan a lesson, how it really feels to be in a classroom, how to react in real-time to the problems and issues that arise during a lesson, how to respond to student questions and much, much more. At first I thought 10 hours of teaching was going to be excessive, but once I actually started doing it I realized how little time it actually is in the grand scheme of all there is to know.” Carly Roden, USA

Q. Please comment on the support provided by the on-site manager.” Ellie went above and beyond the call of duty, in my opinion. She immediately jumped on any problems or issues we had, even when they didn’t directly pertain to the course (e.g. going to the pharmacy to get medicine and arranging a consultation with a doctor when I wasn’t feeling well). She was very approachable and accessible and never made us feel like we were bothering her or imposing on her when we asked for advice, assistance or accommodations.” Carly Roden, USA

Photos of Our TEFL Courses

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 Videos of Our TEFL Courses

Our trainees from our January 2014 course have some fun creating skits to teach the meanings of different phrasal verbs. 

Our trainees from our September 2014 course created a skit about “Magic Zorritos” to demonstrate the use of modal verbs. 


Our trainees from our October 2014 course have a giggle during a peer teaching game they created to use the Second Conditional