Amigos Spanish

TEFL Zorritos is a proud supporter of Amigos Spanish School and highly recommends their Spanish school in Cusco. TEFL Zorritos also works together with Amigos to provide quality, dedicated teachers who wish to volunteer and teach English as part of their Youth Programs, see below for further details. 


About Amigos

AMIGOS is the first non-profit SPANISH SCHOOL in Cusco-Peru. With every hour of your Spanish classes, you pay for education, food and medical care of a group of underprivileged children at our foundation. Since 2012, Amigos Spanish School has partnered with Eurocentres, a Swiss-based international language school program with a global reputation for teaching local languages in high quality around the world. 


Spanish Lessons 

We take pride in our professional, well-trained teachers. Our Spanish classes consist of both grammar and conversation lessons. Our teachers prepare daily lessons and weekly curricular programs tailored to our students’ needs; classes are designed to be engaging and fun, never passive. The lessons will be very interactive with lot of recreational games and activities previously well prepared.


Extracurricular Activities 

  • A Family-stay program
  • Volunteer Work
  • Quechua lessons
  • Salsa/Meringue/Traditional Andean folk dancing classes,
  • Cooking classes on traditional Peruvian dishes
  • Real City Tour 

Contact details

Name:               AMIGOS SPANISH SCHOOL

Address:           Zaguan del Cielo B-23 Cusco-Peru

Telephone:        +51 84 242292

                        +51 84 225053

Fax number:      +51 84 242292



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Volunteer Opportunities for TEFL Zorritos Graduates 

TEFL Zorritos works together with Amigos to provide dedicated teachers who would like to volunteer and teach English as part of Amigos Youth Programs. These educational programs are completely funded by the profits from the Amigos Spanish School and are intrinsically linked, for further information regarding the Youth Programs please see their website Amigos Spanish School – Youth Programs. 

Trainees who are interested in becoming a volunteer can speak to the Founder of TEFL Zorritos, Ellie Saavedra Ryan; please see the Contact Us page for further details.