Our Course Location

TEFL Zorritos at Sunset Club

Our TEFL Certificate course is held at the gorgeous Sunset Club in Zorritos. For details of our course location in Cancun, Mexico, please see our TEFL Zorritos-Cancun page

Sunset Club is a private club and hotel where you will study surrounded by palm trees and overlooking their stunning private beach. Our beach-front outdoor training centre is located within metres of the ocean which provides a lovely breeze and a breathtaking view. The club has various swimming pools, bars, a restaurant, tennis courts, a soccer pitch and a playground. 

Included in your TEFL course fee is a private taxi twice daily from your accommodation to Sunset Club  as it is approximately 15 minutes from the centre of Zorritos, and you can choose to have lunch daily a the club for the duration of course. You can also choose to stay at the club for a heavily discounted special rate for our trainees, which we offer in our Course Packages

Reviews of Sunset Club 

“Sunset Club has been downright majestic!  The staff and facilities are first class.  And if you find yourself with a case of the Peru Belly, just holler at Juan and he’ll hook you up with a coconut, right off the palm tree, baby!” Adam Stengel, USA

“LOVELY location… Being able to walk on the beach at lunch time to let off some stress and steam was amazing. The weather, breeze, and sunshine made learning enjoyable. The WIFI was fast and reliable, and the food for lunch was hefty and delicious! Everyone who worked at Sunset was lovely to speak with as well.” Bekka Shadoan, USA

 “Beautiful location!!! The employees (Oscar, Juan, Cesar, etc.) are all amazing people!!!” Charles Flowers-Mitchell, USA

Q. What was your opinion of the course location at Sunset Club? “I give it a 10! Educational on all levels! What better way to train students to be living in another country.” Marty Bertoni, USA

“Beautiful! An ideal spot. It was great to be able to walk on the beach and dip my toes in the ocean during our breaks.” Greg Zoller, USA

“Nothin’ but a little slice of paradise.” Peter McGann, USA

“Best classroom in the world. An hour at lunch to swim in the ocean.” Rockwell Louke, USA

What was your opinion of the course location at Sunset Club? “Beautiful beach front resort, who can complain.” Jeremy Petru, USA

“Sunset Club was extremely relaxing and made for a great learning environment.  The staff were very kind to us and quickly became our friends.” Michael Huffman, USA

“I think the course location was great.  Having the Internet everyday was a huge advantage.  I liked being able to take some time after lunch to jump in the ocean and relax in the sun.” Nate Younker, USA



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