TEFL: The Scoop!

English is the international language of business, politics, science and communications.  It is estimated that over a billion people are learning English worldwide.  About three-quarters of these people live in non-English speaking countries.  In other words every country needs English teachers  every country needs English teachers (there are even foreign TEFL teachers in North Korea).

Most language schools advertise on the internet and many like to arrange a contract in advance. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to TEFL jobs. It’s estimated that there are over 20,000 new TEFL jobs listed each month.  The demand for TEFL is so huge that many schools will employ teachers with no teaching qualification or degree. This does depend on the country – you may need to be qualified to get a work visa in some countries. Also, the question of whether you want to teach without some training needs serious consideration.  In addition the better teaching jobs will require at the least an accredited TEFL certificate, with some observed teaching practice.

Most English language schools are English language environments. You will use English for all interactions at work. However, knowing some basic phrases in the local language shows respect for people and will add considerably to your cultural experience.

You could actually be teaching in one of many countries tomorrow. You will need to decide whether you want to simply arrive in a country and approach schools or arrange a job before you go. This may or may not work out for you and of course it is always best to do your research first, complete an accredited TEFL course and get job guidance from your TEFL provider.

——————————————————————————————————————TEFL Zorritos: What could be better?  Study in a beautiful Peruvian beach town at our outdoor beach-front training centre, great accommodations available, including delicious local food.  Fully accredited 120 Hour TEFL course with a practical approach.

Class sizes are limited, so don’t wait, make your reservation today!

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