Some Things You Should Know About Teaching English in India

India is the third largest English-speaking country in the world, the English language is spoken throughout the nation. There are lots of voluntary positions to be found online but it is surprisingly difficult to locate many well-paid positions from internet searches. Experienced EFL teachers are encouraged to contact the British Council in India as the salaries and conditions are very good. Because of the common use of English in India, teaching opportunities are significantly less than in other Asian nations.

Salaries start as low as $500 USD per month and top out at about $2,500 USD per month at the British Council.  Since India prefers British English, native speakers from the UK will have an obvious advantage when job hunting.  A degree and TEFL certification with at least two years of experience is typically required for paid teaching positions.  It is not typically a wise choice to travel to India in hopes of finding a paid teaching position in country.  If you want to work in India as a paid teacher, it is best to arrange a contract in advance with the British Council or an international school.  If you would just like to volunteer teach during your stay in India then there are many opportunities for you.

Unless you are working for the British Council or an international school, you will probably have to enter the country on a tourist visa.  The process for obtaining a work visa is lengthy and tedious.  Few schools will go to the trouble to obtain a work visa for you.  The cost of accommodation and food in India is very low. Western food imported from abroad is generally expensive.  Salary is paid on a monthly basis. Tax is usually paid by employers.

Cultural differences between the “west” and India can cause significant strain on someone not accustomed to the way things work in India.  Patience, flexibility and endurance are qualities that you must possess to survive in this culture.  Women are especially advised to take extra care when out alone.  

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