Some Things You Should Know About Teaching English in Indonesia

Teaching English in Indonesia can be a rewarding experience, however, to be sure that you fully enjoy your teaching experience it is important to plan carefully and know what you want to get out of the experience.

Think about the length of commitment you would like to make. Most organizations offering paid teaching positions require a yearlong commitment. Some organizations might offer six-month teaching positions, but you will have to search harder for them, and the benefits and rate of pay decline significantly.

Decide where you would like to teach. Do you want to soak up the indigenous culture of the rural areas? Or is a major city such as Jakarta more appealing? Would you like to teach adults in a business school or children in a primary school? There are many programs that offer a variety of positions. Knowing what you want ahead of time will help you narrow your search.

Choose an organization. It is not recommended to acquire a teaching position on your own in Indonesia. There are many organizations that specialize in placing Western teachers in teaching positions in Indonesia. Spend a few days searching and be sure that you know all of your options before choosing an organization.

Research the organizations that you’ve chosen. Pay close attention to classroom size and the number of hours that you’ll be teaching to be sure that the requirements are something you feel willing to take on.   Call and ask to speak to an administrator about the successes and limitations of the program and any other questions you might have. Then, ask to speak to someone who has been placed in a teaching position similar to the one that you are interested in and discuss your questions or concerns with them.

Assess your qualifications. Different positions and organizations require different qualifications. More often than not, you will be required to obtain a certification to teach English as a Foreign language. When choosing a program, be sure that the TEFL course is internationally recognized and accepted by the school to which you are applying. And, keep in mind that many private institutions or business schools want their teachers to have had teaching experience that many online courses do not offer.

Apply to at least three organizations. Be sure that your proposed start date will give you enough time to complete any certification courses, obtain your passport or make any other arrangements.


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