Some Things You Should Know About Teaching English in New Zealand

The TEFL industry in New Zealand is quite active and the greatest demand comes from a large number of Asian students who come to the country to learn English. There is also some demand for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) with Korean and Japanese high school students who are looking for exam preparation for high school. Enrolments appear to be increasing and demand is somewhat seasonal – so you will find more work between the months of February – May and July – October.

However there are very few EFL positions in New Zealand advertised online. If you wish to travel to New Zealand to look for work, the best idea would be to arrive with the February or July start dates in mind. Obviously you are in a stronger position if you are an Australian or NZ national, but there are still possibilities for those that aren’t. If you are in country and are a native English speaker, have a degree and TEFL certification then there is work available, with particular demand in Wellington and Auckland.

New Zealand and Australian residents can work in NZ without any visa documentation. Other nationalities can obtain a working visa, which last for 9 to 12 months, provided they are less than 30 years old.

Job prospects for those over 30 are not as good, as an employer has to be able to prove that there are no New Zealanders that could fulfil that position. For further details on work restrictions or conditions, see the New Zealand Immigration Service Website

Teachers can earn reasonably good money in New Zealand, with around $25NZ being the basic hourly wage salary or more if you work privately. Accommodation is not difficult to find and is reasonably priced. Contracts are available but subject to the visa conditions mentioned above.


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