Some Things You Should Know About Teaching English in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best places in Asia for teaching English. An interesting culture, stunning natural scenery and huge demand for English tuition make it one of the most popular destinations. Most jobs are in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and it is worth reading up on the different characteristics of the two cities in order to be able to focus on vacancies in your preferred location. Salaries are perhaps the best in the Mekong region and there is a lively expat scene in both main cities.

Salaries start at $1,200 USD per month and go up to $2,000 USD per month, sometimes a bit higher at international schools.  Most jobs are found in the cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong.  Hiring schools prefer for you to have a degree, TEFL certification and over 1 year of teaching experience.  If you do not have a degree but have over 5 years of teaching experience then it is still possible to obtain a work permit.  There is a lot of work available, so if you are not getting enough hours from your full time employer you can always teach part time for a second school or language center.

Normally teachers arrive on a tourist visa and then convert it into a business visa with the help of their employer. Unlike neighbouring countries, you do not have to leave Vietnam and return on the new visa. However, a work permit also requires a health check and a criminal records check from your country of origin. If possible, obtain a criminal records check before arriving in Vietnam because it costs more and takes longer if you try to get one once you have arrived. The work permit is valid for 3 years and allows you annual business visas sponsored by your employer.

Transport, food and accommodation are all quite cheap in Vietnam but bear in mind that you will probably be charged more for many goods because you are a foreigner.  Salary tax should be taken care of by your employer. Normally you should expect to receive your salary on a monthly basis.


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