TEFL Success Stories – Part 57

David – UK

David has been teaching English for seven years in the UK and Spain and currently teaches a range of classes at British Study Centres. When he’s not teaching, David is generally riding his bike about the place and learning to climb, dance or speak French.


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I can see the Olympic Stadium from my house. Well, that’s if I lean precariously out of the balcony of our tenth floor flat. Tonight, I can see floodlights glowing around the curve of the stadium. Workers are busy day and night to meet their deadlines.

I have been taking classes to the Olympic Park for a couple of years now. It’s an opportunity for the students to see a London that is very different to their usual haunts. Getting there isn’t easy. Head to the evocatively-named Pudding Mill Lane tube station, pass two Nepalese Gurkha security guards and follow a twisting lane bordered by tough perimeter fences. Climb past a bank of tumbling wild flowers and suddenly the stadium vista pans out in front of you.


Our TEFL Certificate course is held at the gorgeous Sunset Club in Zorritos. Sunset Club is a private club and hotel where you will study surrounded by palm trees and overlooking their stunning private beach. Our training site is located within metres of the ocean which provides a lovely breeze and a breathtaking view. The club has various swimming pools, bars, a restaurant, tennis courts, a soccer pitch and a playground.

Included in your TEFL course fee is lunch daily at Sunset Club for the duration of the course, as well as a private taxi twice daily from your accommodation to the club, as it is located approximately 15 minutes from the centre of Zorritos. You can also choose to stay at the club for the duration of course, which we offer in our Course Packages.  


My students admire the view; curious to find out which venue is which, what sports will be played where and how many people these fantastical constructions will hold. Whenever I take school trips, I make the students do the research in advance. Each pair of students has the details about one of the buildings and must tell the other members of the group the information they have found out from the official 2012 website. A good challenge for the quieter members of the group; they have to shout over the sounds of construction machinery and blustery wind.



  • Round-trip airfare
  • Accommodations
  • Complete visa assistance 
  • Support network in place to help you get settled 
  • Competitive salary teaching oral English 
  • Positions starting in February & August each year 
  • Graduates must be at least 18 years old with no upper age limit 
  • Bachelor Degree NOT required


Today, I’ve asked the students to do some further research. ‘Find out about an Olympic athlete from your country who will be competing at the Games in 2012.’ I have given a short talk about 16-year-old British diver Tom Daley as a model. The students are fascinated by the Olympian who is managing to fit school exams around his training schedule. The stories they have found are just as interesting. An Iranian weightlifter who fought off swine flu to win the Asian Games. Im Dong-Hyun, a South Korean archer who is already a gold medallist, despite being blind in one eye. I encourage the students to make a note of the names of the different sportsmen we hear about. Come next summer, we will be able to follow and support sports men and women from all the nationalities in our class.

I always hope that my class trips will leave vivid memories of London for my students. After all, being a young student in this city can sometimes be a tiring and stressful experience. Next year, while watching the Olympics back in their home countries, I hope they will remember the day and have that satisfying feeling of ‘I’ve been there too.’


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