TEFL Success Stories – Part 58

Liana – Greece

My name is Liana. I work as an English language teacher in state primary schools in Crete, Greece. I have a permanent working position, that is, I’m not a substitute teacher, that is, I don’t run the risk of not having a job…

This year I work at two primary schools, one in the small town where I live and the other in a village 25 kms from home. Given the fact I worked in a primary education office for the past two years, which means I didn’t teach at all during that period of time, I am now trying to recover from the shock of being back in the classroom.


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t’s the end of a rather easy week. No fights with colleagues, no major problems in class, both photocopiers working, a day off because of teachers’ elections, no “twilight zone” spells during lessons (that’s when my brain collapses and panic takes over), all homework corrected and returned (well, apart from two worksheets…)

In this country once you get a permanent working position, that is you become a permanent civil servant, you would have to be mad to give it up. This means that state schoolteachers, like all civil servants, are doomed to teach for the rest of their lives. I say “doomed” because although most university graduates dream of the day they get appointed they cannot escape feeling tired, overworked or even bored after a few years and try not to think of the 35 years they have to spend in classrooms. The typical comment most teachers make is: Do you think we will actually walk out of the classroom one day or four nice people will carry us? Considering most teachers who are my age (I’m 38) will retire at 60-65, I think the second option is more probable.


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I stayed away from classrooms and schools for two years. I chose to work in a primary education office because I felt fed up with teaching and all its consequences. Anyway, I knew that it would be just for a short period of time so I regarded it as a change, a break from the hustle and bustle of schools. Teachers who decide to work in education offices do not lose their jobs; they’re transferred to different posts depending on their skills, and when they wish to return to school, they simply… do so.

I could have stayed longer if I wished. In fact, some really hilarious scenes took place when I told the chief administrator I was not going to reapply for an office job. Whenever she met me, she gave a very serious, very concentrated, almost desperate look and said: “Liana, please, don’t go. Don’t leave me. I need you…” After the first couple of times, the whole thing became really annoying, as I had to repeat: “No, you don’t understand. I cannot stay any longer. It’s finished. I’m bored here. I get cramps on my left thigh. I sit too many hours.” etc, etc…



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I somehow knew it was absolutely stupid of me to leave. For certain reasons, staying in the office for 1-2 years more would be my passport for a transfer to Athens, which, otherwise, is an almost impossible dream. Not to mention the fact that it’s not so bad to make a cup of coffee and work quietly on your computer or deal with administrative issues instead of getting paranoid about the hyperactive boy in class E or the whole bunch of spoilt brats in class D.

But I left because when I start feeling restless, common sense goes on a long journey.

Am I feeling happier now? I don’t know. There’s so much stress in this job, so many children, so much noise, so much to think about, so much paperwork, so many mixed-ability classes and so little time. Just to mention a few problems. But I’ve stopped having cramps on my left thigh.


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